Deluxe Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch

Deluxe Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch


This 6 oz. Super Soft Pebble Grain leather pouch is lined with two ounces of garment leather and holds up to five trumpet mouthpieces.

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Dimensions: 4” x 8” fully closed


  • Solid nickel hardware – placed in stress areas for durability
  • Button snaps – Quieter opening and closing than Velcro
  • Heavy duty nylon thread holding this bad boy together
  • 100% leather – No artificial materials or filling/ padding that wears out over time. The thickness of the doubled leather is enough padding to keep mouthpieces safe
  • Middle button snap – Can use pouch to fit 5 mouthpieces with snap closed, or hold 3 snugly with snap open with room for phone, wallet, etc.